Have you noticed that Ford ads on TV keep stressing how greath their quality is? Is it because they believe that if you hear something enough times you will believe it, as in brainwashing? Ford has not hit on the quality drum for some time now. Maybe because they are trying to convince themselves. It reminds me of the 70s when I worked at their largest transmission plant (in fact it was the largest automatic transmission plant in the world). That was when cars were jumping out of park and into reverse and runnion over people getting stuff out of the trunk. 200 people were killed, 1400 injured, and Ford became the only corporation in American History to be charged with reckless homicide. I think that was when their marketing people got the idea that if they hammered on quality enough, like Chinese water torture, people would ignore the largest recall in automotive history (23,000,000 Fords with defective transmissions). Remember “At Ford Quality Is Job One?” and “Nobody Sweats The Details Like Ford” and “Have You Driven A Ford…..Lately?”. I guess that last one was for people who got stung and Ford wanted to convince them that “O.K. we sold you a lemon before, but try us now because we are better” That is why I wrote “A Savage Factory – Eyewitness to the auto industry’s self destruction” Everybody talks about “bad Quality” But what the heck does it mean? My book gives a long, hard look behind the dirty grey walls of auto plants and shows you exactly how the quality got so bad.