UAW local 863, whose members built transmissions that brought the largest recall in automotive history, can’t even get threats and intimidation right.  Apparently some members of local 863 do not like my book. Which is odd, since A Savage Factory attacks incompetent Ford management more, by far, than the UAW, and at least 120 UAW members and former members have bought copies and praised the book for telling it like it was.

Speaking of incompetent,  an unkempt, possibly boosed up UAW guy came into my retail store yesterday, demanding to see me. When told I was out making deliveries, he picked up one of my books, wrote “From 863” then spit into the book, slammed it on the counter, and told my clerk that “I had better watch my back, because I pissed off a lot of people.” There are defective Fords, defective Ford transmissions, and defective threats.

We have this thug on camera. We have his fingerprints on the book. We have a picture of his car with the license plate. We have his spit DNA. The police are issueing a warrant for his arrest for terroristic threatening. I have not yet decided whether to sue UAW Local 863. They could not build transmissions right and just about took Ford down. Now they can’t even do threats right.

Which is good, because I am armed, my home and business has constant survailance, and I have posted harassment charges with the State Police and two local police departments. I am guessing a story like this will sell a lot of books.