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The Big Three lost our auto industry in the factories where the cars were built. The loss of market share to foreign car companies had nothin to do with fuel efficiency or design, and everything to do with the low quality that we produced in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. An entire generation of car buyers lost confidence and trust in Detroit, and that open opened the door for the imports. Now they want our tax money to bail them out of decades of bad management.


We did not lose our auto industry because the cars were poorly designed or the fuel efficiency was bad. We lost our most important manufacturing industry because for about 20 years we built very poor quality vehicles. An entire generation of car buyers lost trust and confidence in the quality of American cars. They looked elsewhere for reliable cars, and that opened the door for Toyota, VW, Nissan, Honda, and others to come into our market with better built, more reliable vehicles. These companies were smaller, weaker, and less experienced than the Big Three. Yet they gained market share, while the Big Three lost market share. Even though today American cars are built as well as the foreign cars, people do not trust American quality.  “A Savage Factory” is my personal memoir of working as a first line supervisor at Ford’s Sharonville Transmission Plant. During my years at Ford 200 people were killed when transmissions jumped from park into reverse, and 1400 people were injured, and Ford received the largest recall in auto history for defective transmissions. It also became the only corporation in history to be charged with reckless homicide. Now GM and Chrysler, managed exactly the same as Ford, whines for taxpayer money to stay in business. There will never be a more wasteful use of tax dollars than to give it to companies that have driven themselves into bankruptcy.

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